Saturday, August 29, 2009

vaginismus and libido enhancers.

I stumbled on a livejournal entry from a woman suffering from vaginismus and low libido. She was asking people if they thought my recording The Pleasure Principle would help. Here is a copy of the comment I left on her journal.

As the author of the recording in question, I'd like to say thank you for considering it. Many women have had good results from listening to The Pleasure Principle.

However, when I wrote the script, I didn't even consider women with vaginismus. The script includes suggestions to desire PIV (penis in vagina) and to feel foreplay increasing your desire for it. Your condition creates a pre-existing psychological block that will likely make you reject these suggestions.

But I can't predict if rejecting the PIV suggestion will cause you to reject all the suggestions, or if you'll be able to separate them and accept the desire to flirt and kiss. The way I wrote the script, everything ties together: flirting, kissing, foreplay, sex are all activities that connect you to your significant other. Therefore all of these activities connect to each other.

It's possible that this recording could help you. It's also possible that it could make you even more frustrated.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Release: Trance Conditioning-fv

(female voice)

Last year I wrote and recorded Trance Conditioning to help people achieve deeper trances. Despite the fact that the script was completely free of gender or sexual references. A lot of guys said they would only be interested in recordings voiced by women. So Tammy has recorded a version for you guys.

This unique script combines Ericksonian storytelling, guided visualization, and neurolinguistic programming to integrate physical, emotional, direct, and indirect suggestions. The combined techniques will enable anyone to achieve more effective hypnosis regardless of their suggestibility type or experience level.

Positive affirmations help you gain confidence in your ability to respond to hypnotic suggestions and safety suggestions help you wake easily if needed.

This script is free of gender and sexual references. So anyone can use it to enhance self hypnosis, self improvement or hypnotherapy programs, including weight loss, stop smoking, pain management, and stress reduction.

For a preview and purchase details, visit Hypnotic

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reviewed: A Tango in Subspace

Oysters & has just posted a good review of my latest recording, A Tango in Subspace.

"... for those women who do have a desire to explore their submissive natures, this recording is powerful and very enjoyable. The picture the dream-master paints of the strong and sexy dominant male to my submissive female is incredibly alluring. And until my real-life Tango partner appears, this recording is a rich and sexy solo activity."
You can read the whole review at Oysters&