Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Couch Trip - raw file

Tammy has sent me the raw recording for The Couch Trip, I'll probably start editing the file tonight. This will be our second femdom hypnosis recording. I should hopefully be able to release the final recording in 1-2 weeks.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

third version of the first meditation script

I always seem to get really lethargic near the end of September. I don't know if it's a seasonal allergy or the side effects of antihistamines, but I always loose my energy and enthusiasm for everything in these two weeks. Fortunately, it seems to be passing now and I can get back to rehearsing.

I'm rehearsing the third version of my first meditation recording. Online friends who are more experienced with meditation listened to the first two versions offered suggestions for improving the script and my vocal delivery. So the final version should prove quite good.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Retitle the Perfect Fetish (continued)

Well, there does seem to be some consensus (6 people) who think I should retitle this recording. But I honestly can't think of a better title.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Retitle Perfect Fetish?

One of my customers just told me that Building the Perfect Fetish was a poor title for my third recording.

In her words:
It's a confusing title, and it should focus instead on what it's really about, which is not really hypnosis--that's only from your perspective. From the woman's perspective, it's about her body, and being more comfortable taking orders from some specific person, who is not really a hypnotist; I think from a woman's point of view, that's a metaphor. The man she's thinking of is going to be her lover.

Therefore, it makes sense that it be called something like "hypnotic orgasm," or something like that.
But the story is about creating a hypnosis fetish. And the post-hypnotic suggestions are geared towards creating a hypnosis fetish in the listener. Plus I always liked the play on words and the reference to Don Henly's album "Building the Perfect Beast". It's just that in this case the "beast" is a hypnosis fetish.

So normally I wouldn't consider changing the title, except that the recording sells poorly compared to my other recordings. And I wonder if changing the title would help it sell better.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kidnap fantasies

A few months ago, I asked a couple of women if they'd be interested in romantic kidnap fantasies. They said 'no', so I dropped the idea. Today a different woman asked if I'd produce a more hardcore alien kidnap fantasy; one where she has absolutely no control over her body. I said that I'd consider it. But I wonder how many woman would really be interested in this type of fantasy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Forced into Faith

The Secular Humanist newsletter just brought a new book, Forced Into Faith: How Religion Abuses Children's Rights to my attention. The book posits that indoctrinating a child into the parent's religion should be considered child abuse. But you don't need a 126 page book to tell you this. A little common sense should suffice.

Common sense tells us that an uninformed choice is really no choice at all. If you only know about one religion, you're not really making a choice, you're accepting what's been handed (or force fed) to you. You need to know what other religions exists and how their belief system would affect your mind, before you can say you have really made a choice.

If everyone has a right to chose their own religion, then then also have a right to make an informed choice; i.e., they have a right to receive accurate, useful, and unbiased information about several religions before they decide which (if any) to chose for themselves.

The United States Constitution states that everyone the right to chose their own religion. To my mind, when a government grants a right to the people, the government becomes obligated to protect that right and make certain the people receive an opportunity to exercise that right. This obligates the US Government to ensure that children receive unbiased education about the different religions and theologies available to them.

If parents indoctrinates a child into their own religion, if they prevent their child from ever having the opportunity to exercise the right to chose their own belief system, then yes, this is child abuse.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Syndicated Hypnosis Articles

I've added a few more syndicated articles to the hypnosis articles section of my web site.

Internet "experts" are always saying that if you want to draw more traffic to your site, you should add more content and update it often. Well, I have been doing just that. But it hasn't been working. In spite of my writing 3 new articles about erotic hypnosis and sexual language, and adding syndicated articles by half a dozen different authors, it's not drawing any more traffic to my web site. Google searches don't list these articles, and no one is finding my site this way.

I don't know what to do.