Thursday, December 31, 2009

Marketing the Ultimate Kiss (continued)

One of the visitors to my web site confirmed something that had been nagging me for a while. The phrase "suck cock" is actually too vulgar for a product description. I was going to use the phrase because Google already sends people searching on the phrase to my web site. But I wasn't happy with it.

I make an effort to write quality erotic hypnosis, not porn. And yesterday, one of my web site visitors confirmed my suspicion that the phrase would probably scare away more customers than it would attract. So I rewrote the description using classy (well less vulgar) terms like fellatio and oral sex.

I also rewrote the description to appeal to women directly instead of husbands and boyfriends. Still don't know which approach is best, but I think I'll go with this for now.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

You may also like...

Up until now, I organized the web site to emphasize that each recording stands on its own. There's no sequence to the recordings, no prerequisites. Potential new listeners can start with any recording and still enjoy it.

But this article recommends cross linking the pages on your site to improve search engine optimization and cross-product marketing. And let's face it, as great as my recordings are, people still have to find my site and become aware of my products before they'll even consider buying. So I'm going to add a little section on the bottom of each recording page that recommends similar recordings... or recordings that will appeal to similar tastes.

Personally, I think the pages are getting to be too visually busy. I'll have to adjust the design or remove some stuff soon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Marketing the Ultimate Kiss (working title)

I often write the web page description for a new recording while I'm writing the script. It helps me clarify my intended goals and audience for the script. (I usually don't integrate the page into the web site until the script is complete and I start rehearsing, but my web design program uploads the page every time I make a change.)

So while I'm writing a hypnosis recording to help women enjoy sucking cock more. I decide that the target audience for the recording will be women who are willing to perform fellatio, but don't really enjoy it. And the goal of this hypnosis script will be to reframe the experience so that the women can feel more pleasure while sucking cock. Then they'll become eager to suck for their own pleasure as well as the man's pleasure.

But I'm thinking that those women wouldn't buy the recording for themselves. More likely boyfriends, husbands, and doms will buy the recording for their women. So I wrote the web page description to appeal to men with "reluctant" wives or girlfriends.

Now I wonder: Did I make a good assumption? Are guys the right marketing targets, or would women buy this recording for themselves if I used a different description?

Any opinions?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

got the computer back

Got the computer back, but they wiped the hard drive. So now I have to rebuild it. I'm pretty sure I have most of my data files backed up. But reconfiguring the wireless, mail, and software preferences is going to be time consuming.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

computer problems, but not completely dead

The screen on my laptop stopped working; it appears that the graphics card failed. I sent it in for repairs.

I still have my previous computer, and I can use it while I wait for my primary computer to be fixed. Unfortunately, this older computer doesn't have wireless and won't run the latest versions of yahoo messenger and firefox. So my internet access is a bit limited for a week or so.

Fortunately, I also have backup copies of all my scripts. So I can keep rehearsing Demon Seed and writing Ultimate Kiss (love of fellatio) . I'm roughly 1/3 through the Ultimate Kiss script, but still figuring out how the rest of it will proceed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Idea for an addiction fantasy

This weekend I read the old Daredevil graphic novel, Hell to Pay. The villain, Mr. Fear, used several chemical concoctions to make women deathly afraid of disappointing him. Their fear made them his puppets; he used 3 girls for sex, and two for murder. And it reminded me of the standard cop-show plot where pimps get a girl hooked on coke, meth or some other drug, and use the addiction to enslave them and whore them out.

I always liked the idea of making women addicted to my hypnotic control. But I didn't think I could write the fantasy in a way that would appeal to women. That is, until I read Hell to Pay and I saw that the girls being used felt totally humiliated. Since a lot of women do seem to fantasize about sexual humiliation, maybe I could combine the ideas of addiction and humiliation in to a single story. Make the listener feel both aroused and humiliated as they beg to be hypnotized in front of a group of women.

Still not sure how many women this fantasy would appeal to, but I jotted down a outline for a script, and saved it with the working title Trance junkie. I'll come back to it after I finish the fellatio and bisexual fantasies.