Monday, December 27, 2010

Revised Trance Junkie

I revised the script for Trance Junkie today (the erotic humiliation/addiction fantasy); cleaned up the two parts with which I wasn't satisfied. Maybe I'll try rehearsing this afternoon after I exercise.

After I rehearse a few times I'll look for a test subject. With any luck, I'll be able to record in a couple of weeks and release a final version by the end of Jan.

Friday, December 24, 2010

New Release: The Artist's Brush

I am pleased to announce that I have finally, yes finally, completed The Artist's Brush.

In this recording, you're a prim and proper lady who is persuaded to model for an artist. His first painting hints of a sensualist repressed by your proper attitude. Intrigued, you sneak back to his studio one night to lay naked on a bed of furs in the soft moonlight. The artist then dips his brush in both the moonlight and your sex to paint lines of sexuality over your body; connecting every inch of your skin to your sex and awakening your ability to enjoy every caress as a sensual caress.

This is an extended foreplay fantasy that includes post-hypnotic suggestions to feel your erogenous zones expand and be more aware of your body's sensuality.

Available for the introductory price of $20 USD through Dec 30, 2010  (Regularly $25 USD).

For more details, visit

FYI: This is the script I used to hypnotize Alexia for the Dec 1 edition of Playboy's Night Calls.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Breaking Taboo went quite well

The show went surprisingly well. When I found out that we'd be joined by a comedian, I got a bit nervous; afraid that he would be poking fun at erotic hypnosis. But Lakota Phillips was very professional and directed a serious discussion about the topic. So the discussion went smoothly and stayed [mostly] serious. I had a great time.

New Dissident Radio has posted an mp3 version of the show. You can listen to it here:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breaking Taboo with Lakota Phillips

I will be a guest on Breaking Taboo with Lakota Phillips, live on, December 20, 2010 at 4:00PM Pacific time. The topic for the evening is sexual taboos.

Also joining in the discussion will be Rev. Jeffrey Brunk, who has stoked the fire of previous discussions with notions of legalizing prostitution, and porn site expertise. Comedian Johnny Dam, host of the award winning ...DAMage Report will also be participating in the the discussion.

'Breaking Taboo' will air live on Monday, with the show available on podcast through about a week after. Friends and fans can call in at 323-284-5532 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 323-284-5532 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or through Skype at NDRadio.

Update on The Artist's Brush

I finally recorded a session that meets my quality standards. I'm editing/mastering the recording now. I'm aiming to release The Artist's Brush next week; between the 20th and the 25th.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Discrete billing/Visa gift cards and paypal

This question doesn't come up too often. (Though maybe it would if I had more traffic.)

Yesterday a potential customer emailed me with a problem. She didn't want her name associated with purchasing my recordings. So she tried to make the purchase with an anonymous Visa gift card. But Paypal, my payment processor, rejected the card and she didn't know why.

So I did some digging and found this site that says Paypal will only accept gift cards with a name and address listed in Visa's database. It's a security measure to verify that you're the real owner of the card:

That, unfortunately, doesn't help the people who want to make anonymous purchases to protect their reputation.

I can sympathize with the need for discretion. So I set up discrete credit card billing. Credit card statements will show "HDMP3" as the merchant, which would be totally meaningless to anyone who hadn't previously bought one of my recordings.  

And of course, I never share my customer lists.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Replacement policy for lost files

Since Thanksgiving, Five different people have requested replacement files after hard drive crashes. This is highly unusual. I normally only receive one request per year. It's a bit disturbing. I haven't seen this many hard drive crashes since the early 90s. It's even more disturbing that people aren't backing up their files.

Well, my policy is to allow one replacement download per purchase. (Not that I really keep track, but you should. Just like you should be backing up your files.) But I must be able to verify the original purchase. That means you must make the request with the same email you used when making the original purchase.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Universal Wish List buttons.

I added Universal Wish List buttons to my web site. So now anyone can add the recordings on my web site to their wish list or gift registry.

I know most of my customers are a shy about their interest in erotic hypnosis and would prefer to keep this interest more private than their wish lists. But judging from my appearance on Playboy's Night Calls last week, I think we have a chance to build more of a mainstream acceptance.

So if you're not too shy about letting friends and family know what you want, add Hypnotic Dreams' mp3s to you wish lists. The exposure will help build awareness as well as acceptance.

changed the blog url

I changed the url for this blog today. I did this to be consistent with the screen name I use on many web sites: Mesmer7.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Playboy Radio was a lot of fun

Night Calls was a lot of fun tonight. We wanted to give a demonstration of how effective my recordings are. You can't conduct an entire hypnotic induction over the air. But we arranged for me to hypnotize one of the ladies before the show. Alexia, the show's associate producer called me about an hour before the show, and I recited the script for The Artist's Brush.

This script is intensely erotic, and includes several suggestions to increase the sensitivity of the skin. "Every caress, anywhere on the body, is a sexual caress." Then she joined Christy Canyon and Nicki Hunter on the air. The ladies had a ball teasing Alexia with light touches and simply blowing on her skin.  I'm told she was shaking in her panties from the intensity of the arousal.

Oh, how I wish I could have been in the studio!

With any luck, I'll have The Artist's Brush completed in just a couple of weeks.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'll be on Playboy radio again

I've been invited to be a guest on Playboy Radio's Night Calls this Wed Dec 1 at 7:40 pm Eastern Time (4:40 pm Pacific Time). Naturally, I'll be speaking about erotic hypnosis and Hypnotic Dreams.
Playboy Radio can be heard by SIRIUS 99 and XM 99 radio subscribers.
Night Calls broadcasts live between the hours of 4 and 7pm PST.

Everyone is encouraged to call the show.

If it's like last time, it will be a short 15 min interview. Blink and you'll miss it.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New blog

A new project and a new blog: I read a lot, mostly sci fi, but also a fair number of non-fiction books. So I decided to join's affiliate program and start blogging (writing reviews) of what I read.

You can read my first few reviews here

Friday, November 19, 2010

Enthralling Rhythms reviewed at Fleshbot has posted a glowing review my latest femdom hypnosis recording Enthralling Rhythms.

"I don't know much about hypnosis or Ericksonian storytelling, but I know a thing or two about sexy times, and Hypnotic Dreams definitely has some sexiness going on. I had my doubts about whether I'd be able to take a hypnotic lap dance seriously, but I really felt the weight of the words on me, and when the recording ended, I found I hadn't moved an inch (except to put my hands behind my back, as the voice requested)... I love that it used my sexual expectations to tap into my mind."

Read the review at

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is the Artist's Brush cursed?

I'm beginning to wonder if The Artist's Brush is cursed, or if I am. I've recorded several sessions of this script and I have yet to get the sound quality right. I don't remember ever having this much trouble with my previous recordings.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Progress on the novel

My erotic novel is progressing nicely. The novel starts from my short story, What's in a Story? where an expert in erotic mind control pitches his services to a sex slavery ring. Then each succeeding chapter expands the plot, characters, and action.

As of today, I've expanded the story to 10 chapters (a bit over 21,000 words), and I've outlined the next 4 chapters. Of course, I'll have to go back and edit for continuity and character consistency. But I'm happy with my progress so far. I'm hoping to produce a publishable novel (or novella) in a few months.

I 'kinda' feel bad that I'm procrastinating on the recordings, but it feels good to be writing.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Update on The Artist's Brush

I think I've finally recorded a session that I'm happy with. I'm editing the file now.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Article: Hypnosis and Fellatio

I've been reading this book, Marketing to Women, and I discovered something a bit ironic. When I write my hypnosis scripts, I'm very conscious of the fact that I'm writing erotica for women. So I make a point to write about emotional connections as well as physical pleasures. But when I write product description pages and marketing material. I haven't put in the same effort to talk about emotional connections.

It's almost as if my marketing is written for guys, even though the recordings are written for women. It might be because a while back, I noticed a lot of husbands buying my recordings for their wives. Or it might just be that I haven't had the same practice writing marketing material for women. Not sure. But either way, I felt it important to write a new article, which talks about the same emotional connections that the recordings work to build.

So I wrote article about hypnosis and fellatio. Unfortunately, the first woman who read it said I totally missed the female perspective. Guess I have a lot to learn about marketing to women.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Artwork for Kegel program

I finalized the artwork for the upcoming recording, Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel.

The script is finalized. So it's just a matter of rehearsing and getting the pacing right.

Changing my asthma meds

Changing my asthma meds today. Switching from Serevent and Pulmacort to Advair. I've been on the the Serevent/Pulmacort combination for about 10-11 years. And it's done well to control my asthma (when I wasn't in mold-infested environments). But Serevent has caused me to experience frequent dizziness when exercising, and Pulmacort suppresses the thyroid function, which leaves me feeling lethargic. So the combination has seriously inhibited my activities over the years.

I hoping that switching to Advair will improve my thyroid problem and reduce the dizziness, allowing me to exercise more intensely. But I'm also a little scared that I might have an adverse reaction to Advair, or that it might not control the asthma as well. Advair contains fluticazone, the same steroid as Flonase. I had an adverse (rebound) reactions to several nasal steroids back in 2006, including Flonase. But since the reaction was already in progress before I took the Flonase, I'm not sure how I'd have reacted if I had only taken the Flonase and nothing else.

Also because all inhaled steroids can result in impaired adrenal/thyroid function, I asked for the lowest dose of the Advair. So I'm not sure if it will control my asthma at first or if I'll have problems and have to switch to the higher dose.

How this could affect Hypnotic Dreams
There are two possible ways this could affect Hypnotic Dreams. If it doesn't go well, the change will delay my recording of Trance Junkie and Kegel. (I recorded a session of The Artist's Brush a couple days ago, which I think went fairly well). But if it does work out, I will have more energy and I'll be able to record more often. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick up the pace and produce more than just a few recordings per year.

Wish me luck

Friday, October 15, 2010

Review of Demon Seed

Wanton Lotus Reviews published a very favorable review of Demon Seed; giving it 4 out of 5 Lotuses:

"…the story itself was both well written and well delivered, each time I listen to it I can feel the sensations that the story evokes quite physically. It’s as if they are actually happening to me, and I am left with a need for sex..."
Read the whole review at

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amazon lists

This is interesting. Someone named Aaryanna added three of my recordings to her listmania list for sexual instructions. She also added my recording The Ultimate Kiss
to her list for Oral Sex.

I have no idea who this person is, but it would be interesting to see if being included in these lists will increase the visibility of the product and in turn, increase sales.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'd like to learn Spanish

Once again, I've been thinking about learning Spanish so that I could translate my recordings into that language. I thought about buying the RosettaStone Spanish program, but I can't afford it. So I put it on my wish list.

Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tested the Kegel Script

I tested the Kegel hypnosis script tonight. I connected with a new subject on Facebook; someone who hadn't bought any of my recordings. I think someone new makes a better test subject than someone who is already conditioned to trance with my voice.

She said she liked the script and couldn't wait to see the results. That alone told me it worked because the script includes a suggestion to enjoy anticipating the pleasure that comes from toning your muscles. But she also said:
never imagined connecting the boring exercises to such intimacy
makes complete sense
the three different exercises was great as well
She gave me just a couple of suggestions for improving it. Then we joked around about my working title. I had been calling it "Squeeze Box". But lately, I've been thinking of saving that title for a story-length script, and naming this one something simpler.

The improvements are minor, so maybe I'll record this script before I do The Artist's Brush, or maybe I'll record them both at the same time.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playboy Radio interview went well

The Playboy Radio interview went surprisingly well. It was short (15 min) and fast paced, but it went well. One wouldn't expect a couple of porn stars to be good interviewers. But the girls asked some good questions. They asked how I became interested in developing erotic hypnosis audio stories, what was one of my stories, if I spoke in first or third person, and what benefits would someone get from listening.

The fast pace threw me a bit, but they did give me enough time to answer the questions reasonably intelligently. AND... they repeated my domain name, Hypnotic Dreams, about 20 times, which generated a nice spike in the traffic to my web site. So I'm happy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Liberator Ooh

Liberator Ooh is an online magazine of sexuality and erotic fiction. They have asked me to provide them with a couple of articles about erotic hypnosis. So I did. They posted the first article today, The Erotic Nature of Hypnosis.

Visitors to Hypnotic have have had an opportunity to read this article before. But Liberator Ooh has a much larger audience. So I'm hopeful that this will help me reach more people

Monday, September 27, 2010

Playboy Radio

I've been invited to be a guest on Playboy Radio's Night Calls this Wed Sept 29 at 7:40 pm Eastern Time (4:40 pm Pacific Time). Naturally, I'll be speaking about erotic hypnosis and Hypnotic Dreams.

Playboy Radio can be heard by SIRIUS 99 and XM 99 radio subscribers.
Night Calls broadcasts live between the hours of 4 and 7pm PST.

Everyone is encouraged to call the show. So if you want to ask me questions (or tell the world how great I am ), the number is 1 (877) 205.9796.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

submission to men and women

I received an interesting question in the mail today. A listener wanted to know if A Tango in Subspace would make her more submissive to both men and women, or just to men.

When I wrote the script, I only had heterosexual relationships in mind. But I went back and looked over the script, and realized that the post-hypnotic suggestions were not gender specific. The recording only instructs the listener to embrace her desire for submission. It's then entirely up to the listener to decide whether to share these feelings with men or women or both.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Expanding a short story

I've decided to expand What's in a Story? into a full-length novel. I've always wanted to write a novel, but with the chronic headache I had for many years, I never felt up to it. Now that the headache is gone, I'm feeling better; and I'm remembering that I once aspired to be a science fiction writer.

What's in a Story? isn't science fiction; its a sexual adventure. But its been so long since I wrote any fiction, that I want to start with what John Scalzi calls a 'practice novel'. This will give me a chance to improve my scene and dialog writing without having to worry about the world building that's essential to most sci fi.

Since the lead character is also a hypnotist/mind controller, this novel will also appeal to the same audience who buy my recordings. So even if I don't sell it to a publisher, I'll be able to sell the novel on my web site. (Yes, I'm planning to sell it, like a paperback. So I won't be posting any more chapters on my web site.)

I've written 5 chapters so far (about 10,000 words). So I have a long way to go before it will be ready to send to a publisher. But I'm off to a good start.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Release: Enthralling Rhythms

I'm happy to announce the release of our 3rd femdom recording, Enthralling Rhythms.

A lap dancer seduces you into a trance by describing how the rhythm of her dance calls to your primal sexual instincts. You will feel your manhood rise as she describes how you will be helpless to resist her natural sexuality. You will feel her primal rhythm wrap around your manhood and vibrate down to the root of your desires. And you will feel totally helpless as your enthralled and aroused body gives her what she needs to complete the dance: control of your sexual desires and your mind.

Rebates for Reviews
This worked out well last time. So I thought we'd try it again. Instead of the an introductory sale, I'm offering a $10 rebate to the first 5 people who post a review of this recording to Reviews must be more than just a simple "I like it", they be informative to potential future listeners. Include your forum ID with your purchase. Rebate offer expires Sept 30, 2010.

For more details, visit Hypnotic Dreams

Monday, August 30, 2010

Status on upcoming recordings...

Since I decided to start over and rerecord The Artist's Brush, I decided I might as well edit Enthralling Rhythms and make it available first. I've cleaned up about 1/3 of the recording so far.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

hypnosis for sexual counselors...?

A friend request on Facebook reminded me of another potential market for my recordings.

Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, The Pleasure Principle, The Ultimate Kiss and the upcoming The Artist's Brush all include post-hypnotic suggestions for improved sexual health and intimacy. Well today I was reminded that some relationship counselors and sex educators might be willing to recommend my recordings to their clients.

The original thought occurred when one of my customers revealed that she was a dating and relationship commentator. She asked me if I'd let her give away a free copy of The Pleasure Principle to her blog audience. I said yes, if she wrote a review of it too. It seemed like a good idea. But unfortunately, nothing came of it.

I was reminded of this today when a different relationship counselor sent me a friend request on Facebook. It would be interesting to see if I could sell to more of these counselors and have them recommend my recordings to their clients. I'll have to mention this to the press agent I hired and see if he can help me reach that audience.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my first media interview...

Last night, I was a guest on the Rev Mel show. It was my first media interview, so of course, it didn't go quite as I'd hoped. Part of the problem was the lag between video and audio. I had dialed in by telephone and was watching host over the internet. The video seemed to lag about 3-5 seconds behind what I was hearing on the phone, so I couldn't gauge the interviewer's interest or responses. Seemed to me she was clowning around.

But my press agent called me right after the interview and told me that she thought it went well. The host had been interested in me. And in spite of her clowning with the in-studio guest had shown more interest in me than she had in some previous guests. I'll take her word for it, it was too difficult for me to judge and my agent does know the media better than I do.

This first interview hasn't generated any immediate traffic to my web site. But I guess I need to build more of a media presence for that to happen. Time will tell.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Upcoming interview

Rev Mel hosts a weekly internet radio show on her web site where she interviews people about different aspects of kinky sexual activities. Obviously, I'll be talking about erotic hypnosis.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starting Over on The Artist's Brush

If you've been watching my web site this last month, you noticed that I pushed back the target for releasing The Artist's Brush a few times; and you probably wondered what's going on.

Well, I screwed it up; and now I have to start over. When I recorded it last month, I knew it sounded wrong, but I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong. As I cleaned up the recording, I marked a few words here and there that were mispronounced. Today, as I recorded the background music, I also rerecorded those words, and I noticed that the sound quality was significantly better than the rest of the recording.

It looks like when I recorded the principle session, I had the input gain down too low. This resulted in a noticeable hum that couldn't be filtered without distorting my voice.

I've always been a bit particular about the quality of my recordings. I produce the best quality that I can with the equipment that I have. Sometimes you have to take what you've got, but when you know you can do better, you should. So I have decided to start over and record a new session. This will, of course, delay the release a bit longer, but I think quality is important enough to make it worth doing.

You know that old saying, any job worth doing is worth doing right.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Still working on Artist's Brush

Not going to make the Aug 7 target for Artist's Brush. But I am working on it and making progress. So it should be just about another week.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Update on Enthralling Rhythms

We finally got back to work on Enthralling Rhythms, our hypnotic lap dancer/mind control fantasy. Tammy has sent me the raw recording, and as soon as I finish mastering The Artist's Brush, I'll start mastering this file. With any luck I'll be able to make Enthralling Rhythms available by the end of Aug.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Boy, do I know how this feels...

That's exactly how I get when my voice doesn't sound the way I want it to.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Release of Artist's Brush Delayed a bit

I had some unusual personal business come up last week and wasn't able to work on the Artist's Brush like I intended. So I'm pushing back the target release date to (cross your fingers) Aug 7th.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Some feedback on Ultimate Kiss

Like any artist, I really love hearing about people's response to my work/art. I especially love hearing that someone benefited from my recordings' post-hypnotic suggestions and are finding more pleasure in their sexual activities.

I've heard from a couple of the customers who bought The Ultimate Kiss. They were both very positive; stating that the program was very helpful. One woman indicated that she was starting to enjoy fellatio more than previously, and another woman stated she'd previously had an aversion to fellatio and was now beginning to become more open to trying it.

The feedback was private, so I can't post names or any more details. But it's good to know that some of my customers are really benefiting from the recordings.

Friday, July 16, 2010

replaced corrupted preview file

For the second time, the preview for The Couch Trip became corrupted. I suspect my FTP client causes the problem if I interrupt it mid-transfer. But I do appreciate that one of my visitors took the time to inform me of the problem.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working on The Artist's Brush

Working on my next hypnosis for women recording, The Artist's Brush. I think I got a decent recording session in this afternoon. I'll listen to it later tonight to be certain. But I have to give a presentation on technical communication next week. So it will take me a little longer than usual to edit/produce this recording. Still I hope to be able to release the final version around July 25ish.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Requests for my scripts

About once a year, someone asks me if I'm willing to sell text copies of my scripts. I've always said 'no'. I put a lot of work into creating unique scripts, and I'm very protective of that intellectual property.

Today it was suggested that I could think of my scripts like sheet music or plays; license the right to scripts for personal uses only. The buyer could recite script for their spouse, but could not record them or profit from them. So I thought about it. And I think it would be too risky.

The main difference between music and hypnosis is that music is broadcast on the radio; hypnosis recordings are played only in private settings. While the music industry has a huge infrastructure in place to detect plagiarism and sampling and an army of lawyers to recoup lost profits; I have none. If some unscrupulous person made a recording from my scripts, I'd be unlikely to find out about it. And even if I did find out, I couldn't afford to hire a lawyer to file an injunction or force them to pay me a share of the profits. So the best protection, for now, is to keep my scripts under lock and key.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now on too

Four of Hypnotic Dreams' recordings are available on CD from Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, Hypnotically Seduced, Trance Conditioning and The Pleasure Principle.

This is a great opportunity for my existing customers to share their opinions of my recordings. I don't have the programming skills to implement a customer comments database. But already has it built into their system.

...that is, when it's working. All of seems screwed up today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

...and a little press

hey, I actually got some press coverage of the release.

New Release: The Ultimate Kiss

I'm happy to announce the release of my latest MP3:

The Ultimate Kiss
Through hypnosis, a woman discovers the intense sensuality of her lips, and the ability to sexually connect to a man by performing fellatio. She discovers that fellatio can provide intense physical pleasure and emotional satisfaction for a woman as well as a man, and the shared pleasure helps them connect sexually.

Sophisticated NLP language patterns brings the listener right into the story, and post-hypnotic suggestions will increase your own enjoyment and enthusiasm for this intimate activity.

For more details (and to hear the updated preview), visit Hypnotic

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three titles available on CD

When is a glitch not a glitch? When someone fails to include all the relevant information in their instructions.

When I uploaded my sound files to CreateSpace, I included the track names, artist and genre information. So when I inserted the CD into the computer I was shocked and dismayed that the data displayed was all wrong. I forgot that audio CDs don't include this information. iTunes queries an online database and downloads the data. The process is so quick and automatic that it seems like the data is stored on the CD. And when I called CreateSpace's support line, they didn't know why the data was wrong and I wasted 3 weeks waiting for them to correct a problem that doesn't exist (at least not in their system).

Any way, the good news is that Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, Trance Conditioning and The Pleasure Principle are now available on CD.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Early previews of Artist's Brush and Trance Junkie

I woke up feeling absolutely crappy this morning, but as the weather improved so did the way I felt. By 1 pm, I was able to perform some vocal exercises, which made me feel even better. By 3 pm, I actually felt like rehearsing. So I did.

I rehearsed parts of all three of my upcoming scripts and recorded the early previews for The Artist's Brush and Trance Junkie.

My allergies had knocked out my voice for a few weeks. But it seems to be improving now. So (cross your fingers) I'll probably be able to record The Ultimate Kiss this weekend.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Making CDs available...little technical glitch

A little(?) problem with CreateSpace. They sent me a proof copy of the CD for Introducing Erotic Hypnosis. The artwork looked great, the sound file sounded great, but all the metadata was wrong. The CD had the wrong title, and the track had the wrong title, artist and genre.

I called CreateSpace's support line, but the person who answered couldn't resolve the problem. She forwarded it to 'tech support' and told me it would be a couple of days before I heard back. Seems like a little problem like this could be fixed quicker than that.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Reoriented - writer's block conquered.

Okay, I think I finally conquered the writer's block on Reoriented (a script that will nudge straight women towards bisexuality). Last Oct I wrote the introduction, but as soon got passed the intro, I got stuck.

But yesterday I came back to it, and guess what. I had an inspiration for the first half of the script. I'm going to write about a stage hypnotist demonstrating a mirroring technique at a party. The mirroring technique will be a great lead in for the next step, which will be seeing that other women are attracted to the listener, and having her mirror they're physical desires.

This will only get me through the first half of the script, but I suspect the rest will come once I get to that point

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heart of the Dragon

I've mentioned before that one of my listeners suggested I read some paranormal romances. So this week, after reading Allan Steele's Galaxy Blues, I picked up Gena Showalter's Heart of the Dragon.

It's a bit of rollercoaster ride switching from sci fi to paranormal romance, but also a bit enlightening. Steel introduces his main characters by their actions. Gena introduces hers by their emotions. Steel describes his character's escape from a space ship with detailed descriptions of the character's actions supported by his thoughts about those actions. Showalter's characters spend the first few chapters fighting unexpected sexual attraction and arousal. Their passion and their reactions to that passion are the main focus of her writing.

As a man, of course, I find it more enjoyable to read about space ships and alien encounters. But I did learn something very interesting from reading Heart of the Dragon. Showalter's characters experience intense sexual desire beyond their understanding or their control; as if their bodies had already decided to mate, and it just took a while for their minds to catch up. The overwhelming intensity of their passion made them feel more alive than anything else in their lives. The whole story reminds me of forced arousal sexual fantasies.

In these fantasies, a lover/seducer arouses your body beyond your control. No matter how hard you try to fight it, your body becomes driven by mind-numbing arousal, and all you can do is lay back and surrender until your body get's what it needs. There are at least two differences: 1) in sexual fantasies one person is deliberately trying to arouse the other, where Showalter has both characters fighting a mutual desire, and 2) in a sexual fantasy, it usually only takes a few pages for the seduced to be overcome, and Showalter's characters require most of a novel. But the primary plot is still about fighting your own body's desire.

When I wrote Demon Seed, I wrote it as a forced arousal fantasy. And I had thought (foolish man that I am) that this genre was completely separate/different than romance stories. But now I understand why my listener said the recording would appeal to readers of romance novels. Although the storytelling styles are somewhat different, the genres do overlap.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

CDs may soon be available

I've uploaded 3 of my recordings to There's a review process, they have to approve the materials and send me proof copies, and I have to approve the final production proofs. If they don't mistake my erotica for porn, then Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, The Pleasure Principle, and Trance Conditioning will be soon be available on CDs from both CreateSpace and

I have no experience with these on-demand production services. So I decided to start with just these three recordings. If things go well, I'll make a couple others available this way too.

Now I just have to figure out how to publicize the availability. Oh, the joys of self publishing.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Discouraged by the results of the survey for a Kegel Exercise program

I asked the visitors to my site if they were interested in a hypnosis program to help make performing the Kegel exercises a little more sensual and less of a chore. I received only 30 responses (plus two hecklers). I also asked people at to join the survey, but all I received on that site was sarcasm and derogatory remarks.

30 responses, and the results were spread out. 50% said they'd prefer a short direct hypnosis session, 50% said they wanted a story. 73% said they wanted a program that encouraged submissive feelings, 43% said they wanted a program without D/s.

Normally, that would be enough to encourage me to add 4 separate programs to my "to do" list. But the lack of receptiveness at fetlife, has somewhat put me off the idea. Maybe I'll just finish the 1 script I started and move on to the next idea.

If anyone wants to add their 2 cents, the survey is still open for responses.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay, I'm confused.

Okay I'm confused...

Early in 2009, I posted a survey on my site listing the titles I was thinking of writing, and I asked how much interest there would be in each title. I left the survey open for a month, and 33 women said they'd be interested in a hypnotic fantasy recording that would help novice submissive women explore subspace. That was more than one person per day expressing interest.

But I released A Tango in Subspace last July. It's been available for 10 months, and only 21 women have bought copies. Something doesn't add up.

What am I missing?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Early Preview of Ultimate Kiss

I posted an early preview of The Ultimate Kiss. It's a raw file, an excerpt from today's rehearsal; and not cleaned up for quality.

Survey about the Kegel mp3(s)

I started to develop a hypnosis script for motivating women to perform the Kegel exercises. The motivation would come from linking the exercises to feelings of being more sensual and intimate with their lovers.

However, there a couple of different ways to approach this. And I'm wondering which would be of interest to my customers. So I created a brief survey to get some input from people.

You can give me your opinion at

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hypnosis script for the Kegel exercises.

I've started rehearsing The Ultimate Kiss. But while I do that, I also want to keep writing. I took another look at Reorientation (a script for introducing women to bisexuality), but I'm still blocked on that script. I might need to consult a subject matter expert to get some ideas.

So I think I'll skip ahead to the next idea on my list: a Kegel exercise program. Maybe I'll make this a direct hypnosis program instead of a story. We'll have to see.

Friday, May 14, 2010

anyone know a french composer for classical guitar?

Thinking about my next two scripts, I realize that both The Ultimate Kiss and The Artist's Brush could be considered sort of French themed. The Ultimate Kiss is about a woman who learns to enjoy fellatio (oral sex, giving head, sucking cock, etc), and The Artist's Brush is about an affair with a french painter. So it would be nice to use french music to help set the mood.

Unfortunately, all the composers I know (for classical guitar) are either Spanish or Italian. I'll ask my guitar teacher if he knows any french composers, and any songs at my skill level. But if anyone else knows any music that fits the theme (and that I can play), please feel free to suggest it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hurry up and wait

When I posted the "coming soon" pages on my web site, I hoped it would create anticipation for the upcoming titles. So I was actually happy when a few women started bugging me to get it done.

Even happier when my first-day sales were better than any of my previous recordings. But I have to laugh because the two women who bugged me the most still haven't bought their copies.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Release: Demon Seed.

Yes, Demon Seed is FINALLY available for the introductory price of $20. Good through May 15, 2010.

Demon Seed: Written for women who enjoy forced arousal or kidnap and rape fantasies. You are tricked into summoning the demon of lust and madness. He pulls you back to his lair and binds you with supernatural restraints. You try to resist, but the demon knows how to selectively inflict pain to make you squirm against his cock until your body's arousal overrides your mind. He dissolves your will into a haze of mindless lust and your body fucks him until he releases his seed; an addictive mind-altering narcotic that transforms you into his willing sexual servant.

I also updated the preview file to match the final version.

For details, visit

Monday, May 3, 2010

Progress on Demon Seed

I finally recorded a session of Demon Seed that meets my quality standards. Started editing it this weekend. Should take about a week to edit and mix a master recording. So look for the final release about May 8-9th.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Grrr... that's frustrating

As I expected redesigning the web site has made it cleaner, easier to navigate and read. Unfortunately I lost my position on google. Used to be if you googled "erotic hypnosis", Hypnotic Dreams came back 5th in the results. Now I'm 23rd.

My first response was to ask: What good is having a great web site if no one finds it? But then I reminded myself that I already established my reputation in the erotic hypnosis community. I redesigned my web site as part of a new marketing strategy to enter the romance literature market and establish myself as a cr0ss-genre publisher. Now I have to figure out the next step in that strategy. How do I get google to return my site in searches for paranormal romance, romantic erotica, and hypnosis for sexual health ?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

updating the web site

It's taken a few weeks, but I finally finished updating the web site (at least for this year). Hypnotic Dreams now looks a little more like a publisher of romantic erotica.

At first, it was a little weird changing the way I think about my recordings. Until recently, I viewed them as only appealing to a small niche community. Now I think of them as crossing several genres and potentially appealing to several different audiences. That made it necessary to update the web site; at least enough to make it 'feel' a little more like a cross-genre publisher (but without loosing the appeal to the erotic hypnosis community).

Well, I think I've got it; at least for now. I'll probably have to make more changes as the project continues to grow. But one step at a time; and maybe someday I will be a full-fledged, self-published, world-renown (though completely anonymous) best-selling author.

One thing that just occurred to me, this change in my marketing approach could help people feel a little more comfortable sharing Hypnotic Dreams with friends and lovers.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What's taking so long?

A couple of people have asked why it's taking so long to record Demon Seed and my other scripts. So I thought I'd answer them here.

For me, recording these scripts is a bit like voice acting. I like to project passion and energy into the stories as I tell them. The listeners can hear and even feel my passion, which helps engage them in the stories. If/when I don't feel that energy, the recording sessions don't feel right, don't sound satisfactory to me, and don't meet my quality standards.

The past few months, I was struggling with a nearly continuous allergic reaction, which really sapped my strength. So I wasn't able to produce a good quality recording. I finally figured out that I'm allergic to potassium sorbate (which is an additive in the prunes), and now that I've eliminated it from my diet, I'm starting to feel my energy return.

It also helps that I can bicycle again. So hopefully it won't be too much longer.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Common Sense on Barns & Noble

I just caught wind of the article Judy Blume: Too hot for sixth grade. I'll be the first to admit that none of my audio stories are fit for a sixth grader. But the article discusses two topics that caught my attention.

First, "age appropriate" ratings. The article describes how the B&N web site only lists Common Sense Media's age ratings without describing how that rating was decided. As the article's author states, people mature at different rates, and what will interest one person at age 10 won't interest another until their 13. I for one, didn't develop an interest in sexually-related literature until I was in my late twenties. And didn't even learn about BDSM literature until my late 30s. Had anyone tried to tell me anything about sex while I was in highschool, I'd have dismissed them as a nuisance.

But on the internet, I have chatted with men and women whose interests in BDSM developed anywhere from the ages of 13 to 45. While I'd never introduce a 13 year old to BDSM, when one asked me some well thought-out questions, I answered her honestly. But had I given that same information to a 30 year old who wasn't remotely interested, it would have gone in one ear and out the other. So I've come to the opinion that "age appropriate" ratings are rarely useful.

The article also quoted author Sarah Dessen as saying, "I worry it's breaking a book down into these pieces that don't do justice to the whole." I understand this concern, but I also understand that many people who read fetish literature deliberately look for those pieces.

As an author, I understand what Dessen is saying. Every novel is a work of art that is crafted; ideas are presented with technique and skill and integrated into an adventure. If I tell you that a novel is about a time traveler who meets different philosophers from the 11th-19th century, does that tell you how well the author treats the philosophical arguments within the context of the book? Does it tell you if the character will be interesting to you? I think not. Likewise, if I tell you that one of my recordings shows you how to accept sexual submission, does that tell you how well I treat the subject within the context of the recording or if you'll be able to identify with the character? Not likely; You need a detailed read (or listen) to discover this for yourself.

Terry Pratchett's novels Going Postal and Small Gods are great examples. The man is a genius satirist. No half-page description can do justice to the art he creates in those full-length novels.

But listing the "pieces", the elements of the story, do help people decide whether the book or recording will be interesting to them. When I bought femdom erotic hypnosis recordings, I specifically looked for recordings that included conditioning and triggered erections. And I specifically tried to avoid recordings with smoking or humiliation. I got very upset with Lady Lita after buying her Harem - Eastern Delight recording because the recording included a smoking scene that wasn't identified on her web page. I was equally upset with MzDominica because her descriptions didn't mention that the recording I bought contained humiliation.

So marketing sometimes needs to be about the pieces; even though the story is so much more.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From fetish material to self publishing author

When I first started Hypnotic Dreams, my only intent was to produce a fetish recordings. By the time I finished my third recording, I realized that I was writing erotic audio stories. So I added that key phrase "audio stories" to my web site. But I continued targeting my marketing efforts towards the hypnofetish community.

But after a few discussions this week, I realize that my marketing doesn't really fit my products. I knew I was writing hypnotic stories, but now I find that my stories bridge multiple product categories (i.e., hypnosis, paranormal romance, romantic erotica, self help, sexual health).

My God! I just realized that I'm a self-published author. I'm a publishing company! How the hell did this happen? I've no idea how to reach all of these markets.

I think I'm going to need help.

...and something tells me that the web site will need a major overhaul pretty soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

a bit of a face lift for the web site

I gave the web site a bit of a face lift today. I kept the overall look of the site, just changing it enough to improve the user interface.

The design that had seemed so elegant when I only had 3 recordings, had been getting clumsier to use and to maintain. Friday when I added the images for Demon Seed and Ultimate Kiss, scrolling down the main catalog page made it look terrible. And I knew I had to make some changes.

Friday, March 19, 2010

New cover art for upcoming recordings

I 'finally' made the decision on the art work for two of the upcoming recordings: Demon Seed and The Ultimate Kiss.

The decision was difficult because the stock photo service I use doesn't seem to have anything that exactly meets either story. No photos of a woman being tied up and raped by a demon, no photo of a girl learning to enjoy fellatio. So in the absence of a perfect match, I went with a classy image that at least comes close to the mood of each story. Guess I did learn something from the romance novel after all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

9.4 women per month????

I am so FRUSTRATED. I just saw a report from ABC News that claims 9.4 million women per month surf the web looking for porn. I'm not getting 1/100th of that traffic. What do I need to do, post pictures of Fabio on my site? Grrr.... Maybe I need to hire a publicist.

Upcoming addiction, humiliation and exhibitionism fantasy

I completed the first draft of a script for Trance Junkie (working title), an addiction, humiliation, and exhibitionism fantasy. You're first made addicted to being hypnotized, trained as a obedient slave, used sexually, then forced to beg to be kept hypnotized.

This script skims over the obedience training, focusing more on instilling the feeling of being addicted to hypnosis and reinforcing that addiction with a couple of humiliation scenes; one in front of another hypnotized slave, one in front of guests at a party.

I now have 6 completed scripts that need to be recorded. On the one hand, I feel kind of guilty about getting behind on the recording. (I know a couple people have been anxious for me to release Demon Seed.) But on the other hand, I haven't written this much since my second semester in grad school. So I'm actually feeling pretty good about my productivity.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dark Lover by J. R. Ward

I don't normally read paranormal romances, but after that conversation I had last week, I thought I should look into it. So I started reading J. R. Ward's Dark Lover today. And I have to say, I was a bit surprised. This is not what I expected from a romance novel.

None of that sappy pining away for the perfect lover. No mushy courting or poetry. Ward's hero makes women feel raw animal lust beyond their control. He turns two women's brains to instant mush just by his presence. In fact, the women's responses in at least two scenes (I've only read 12 chapters so far) very closely resemble many scenes in the mind control porn at

Naturally, Ward's hero is better developed and much more interesting than any character found in amateur porn. And the provoked lust is just a small component of her stories as a opposed to the focus of mind control porn. But now I understand why my customer said that my hypnotic audio stories would appeal to the same audience as Dark Lover. We both 1) aim to develop sympathetic and identifiable characters, and 2) aim to provoke intense erotic feelings in our characters and our audience.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CBS reports "Porn Might be Good for You"

That was CBS' headline. Although no where in the report did it mention any health benefits. The report only stated that there was no real link between the availability of porn and sexually-related crimes.

This was unethical sensationalism on the part of CBS; downplaying the real message of the study. But on the bright side, the study did provide some good news.

I've always suspected that the link between pornography and sexually-related crimes was highly exaggerated. But today, CBS News reported what appears to be the first empirical study the subject, which concluded there was no link at all. It was just a myth.

Although, what's more directly relevant to me was the number of women who download porn: 34%. Even though that statistic is limited to readers of a specific magazine. That's a huge potential market for me... that haven't found me. Maybe I need to hire a publicist.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rezoned renamed The Artist's Brush

I've decided to rename this hypnotic script The Artist's Brush. It's still easier for me to think of it as Rezoned because that's what I've called it in my mind since I first conceived the idea. But as I've said before, the title doesn't really capture the flavor of the final script. So as much as I love the pun about expanding erogenous zones, I decided to choose a title that will help potential customers know if the recording will appeal to them, not just make me chuckle.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Rezoned 1st draft written

I finished writing the first draft of Rezoned last night. This is a slightly kinky fantasy about having your skin delicately brushed to enhance your sensual awareness and expand your erogenous zones. Slightly kinky? near vanilla? I'm not sure exactly how you categorize a body painting fantasy when the 'paint' is only moonlight and your own sexual fluids.
In this fantasy you're a prim and proper lady who is persuaded to model for an artist. His first painting hints that underneath your prim and proper exterior lies a sensualist. Intrigued, you sneak back to his studio late one night to lay naked on a bed of furs in the soft moonlight. The artist then dips his brush in both the moonlight and your sex to paint lines of sexuality over your body; connecting every inch of your skin to your sex and awakening your awareness of your body's ability to enjoy every caress as a sensual caress. The script concludes with post-hypnotic suggestions to feel your erogenous zones expand and be more aware of your body's sensuality.

I'm still debating whether to keep the working title, Rezoned, or use something like Brushed Sensuality or Delicately Brushed.

Good news or bad: I now have 3 completed hypnosis scripts (4 if you count the femdom script and 5 if you count the meditation script) that are ready for recording. But either way, I guess I better get back to rehearsing.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Paranormal Romances

I had an interesting conversation with one of my customers this weekend. She described herself as a voracious reader of paranormal romances, and she was interested in my upcoming recording, Demon Seed. But she was curious to know why this recording wouldn't have an orgasm command like in my other recordings.

I had to explain that Demon Seed is a rape/transformation fantasy. The listener is kidnapped, forced to have sex, forced to like it, made addicted to the demon's seed, and finally transformed into his willing servant (a succubus). It's more of an erotic horror story than a romance.

This listener also told me that in Hypnotically Seduced and Building the Perfect Fetish, I had managed to capture the raw eroticism that readers of paranormal romances enjoy, and that if I wrote specifically for that genre, I could potentially attract a larger audience. Of course, I like the idea of reaching a larger audience, but I hadn't considered writing paranormal romances.

Over the years I've read a ton of mind control erotica, sci fi and fantasy, and more than a few erotic horror novels. And of course, I write primarily in the same genres that I like to read. I have read only one book that could be qualified as a paranormal romance. I enjoyed it, but I hadn't considered writing anything in that genre. But then I realized A Tango in Subspace is fairly romantic and a ghost story of sorts; it could qualify as a paranormal romance. I had written in that genre without even realizing it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rezoned - good title?

This week I started fleshing out a erotic hypnosis script for expanding the erogenous zones. One of my reference books tells me that women have 11 major erogenous zones, but that for some women, the zones cover more area than for other women. So I had this idea that to write a script that will expand the zones until they merge and cover the whole body. And of course, with my quirky sense of humor, I was going to name this recording Rezoned.

I've had the general idea for some time, but as I started writing it down, I realized that the particular scene that I'm creating is more about sensual awareness of the skin, than about the size of the erogenous zones. The scene takes a delicate paint brush and 'paints' lines of sexual energy from the sex out to different parts of the body. Then spirals the energy into that part of the body creating new sexual links in the listener's awareness.

It's going to be a slow, sensual and delicate fantasy, and now I'm wondering if Rezoned is really the best title to capture the mood.

Any suggestions for a better title?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I hate Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's Day Sale
Those of us who are alone, not dating, or just not in a relationship can sometimes get pretty annoyed with all the mushy hype around this holiday. So last year I had an "I Hate Valentine's Day Sale", and it was pretty successful. So I'm offering the same deal this year: 20% off the price of all recordings until Feb 15. Sale ends at midnight eastern time.

More details at

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lap dance fantasy progressing...

I completed the first draft of a script for a femdom lap dancer fantasy. Still no word on when Tammy will be available to record. So I'm going to set it aside for a while and come back to it after I've finished some other stuff. I decided to omit the financial domination aspect; so that should make appealing to a few more people.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lap dance fantasy progressing...

I've been more in the mood to write than to record lately. So I've been working on the script for a femdom hypnotic lap dancer fantasy (still don't have a decent title for the final audio story).

After corresponding with a few potential listeners on, I decided to downplay the financial aspect. An now that I've written somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 of the script, I realize I haven't included any mention of paying for the dances. Perhaps I'll omit this aspect altogether, or just leave it as a vague hint under the umbrella suggestion of "serving the femdom dancer anyway you can".

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Demon Seed delayed... just a little

I didn't meet my target for releasing Demon Seed in Jan. But I don't think it will be long now. The last couple of rehearsals got pretty close to the quality I want. I'm also rehearsing an interesting new song to laydown as background music.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Femdom lap dancer fantasy

I wrote an outline and an introduction for a femdom lapdancer audio story. Got me hot thinking about it. So it should be interesting to see where this goes.

Haven't decided on a name for this fantasy yet; maybe something like Enthralling Rhythms, Enthralled with a Dance, The Dancer's Rhythm, or the The Rhythm of Submission.

Opinions on the title are welcome.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fixed the problem with the preview files

I test my web site as best I can with Firefox and Safari. I can't test IE because Microsoft hasn't issued a version of IE for the mac in at least 8 years. So if there's a peculiarity to IE, I can only find out through feedback from visitors. And sometimes I do need that feedback.

A while back, I added a couple of commands to my .htaccess file to prevent file leaching. The commands were supposed to prevent anyone from playing the mp3 files from a link on another web site, but allow them to be played from my web site.

A few days after I inserted the commands, someone told me they couldn't download the full-length files. So I removed those commands. But I forgot that the femdom subdomain used a separate .htaccess file and the commands were still there. My traffic monitor tells me all the sample mp3s are being accessed; and the femdom samples are being accessed the most. So I don't see any problems.

Today, someone tells me he hasn't been able to access the femdom mp3s for months. Took me 5 min to identify and correct the problem. I don't know why IE has a problem when Firefox works fine. But I really wish someone had told me about the problem before. If you see a persistent problem on a web site, contact the webmaster and let them know. It could get the problem fixed a lot faster.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

a possible kajira training fantasy

Been playing with an online sub this past week. She's a great hypnotic subject and a natural born kajira. And it got me to go back to the gorean novels and look up the some of the training techniques. Some of the techniques described in the Assassin of Gor would be easy to adapt to a hypnotic recording. (i.e., kneeling in front of the mirror and telling yourself what you want) But I'd have to go far beyond what the book describes to make a really effective recording. No problem, I'm experimenting with some possible ideas with this new online sub.

The only problem I see is in choosing a title for the recording. I think I once read that the word "kajira" was originally a turkish word for slave girl. But everything I read today says that John Norman created the word for his Gor novels. So I need to figure out how to do this without violating copyright.

Tested the Ultimate Kiss script

I connected with a new friend on Skype and recited the script for the Ultimate Kiss. We both agreed it needs to be polished up, but overall, it's a good script.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Script for Ultimate Kiss

Well, I finally finished writing the script for The Ultimate Kiss. This script was much harder I expected and I think it's because I wanted to keep it vanilla. I've gotten so used to thinking in terms of dominance and submission that it would have been easier to write a D/s script. And it didn't help that I was reading the description of kajira training in the Assassin of Gor and playing with an online submissive who seems addicted to obedience. Those things kept me thinking in a D/s frame of mind.

But I wanted to keep The Ultimate Kiss vanilla so that more women could benefit from it. Well I finally managed to create an entirely vanilla hypnotic script that will help lots of women get more pleasure from fellatio.

(I know some people may think fellatio is kinky, but compared to brainwashing a girl into wanting to be an obedient gorean pleasure slave, it's vanilla. )

Sarfari bug? or coding particularity?

Just been informed that people browsing my site with Safari can't hear the femdom samples; even though they can hear all the 'for women' samples. I examined the HTML, and I can't find the reason. All the samples coded the same, and all are accessible through Firefox. But Safari only plays the mp3 files on my www subdomain. Trying to access the mp3 files in the femdom subdomain results in some unspecified quicktime error.

Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Why bimbofication is so appealing

I think yesterday's Non Sequitur really exemplifies one of the reasons men hate dating. We never know when we're going to step into a trap.

And maybe that's another reason the ideas of hypnosis, erotic mind control and bimbofication are so appealing to men. Transforming a woman into a bimbo would eliminate the fear that she's setting traps like this.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I forgot World Hypnotism Day

Damn, I forgot that today was World Hypnotism Day. Last year when I heard about this promotional holiday, I decided that this year I'd have a sale to help promote it.

Unfortunately, when my computer crashed last month, I lost my calendar and had nothing to remind me to hold the sale.

Maybe next year one of my kind (or financially strapped) potential customers will remind me a couple of days ahead of time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Early Preview of Demon Seed

Posted a excerpt of today's rehearsal as a preview of Demon Seed. This is a raw file, not edited for sound quality. But it gives a good idea of where the script/story will take the listener.