Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From fetish material to self publishing author

When I first started Hypnotic Dreams, my only intent was to produce a fetish recordings. By the time I finished my third recording, I realized that I was writing erotic audio stories. So I added that key phrase "audio stories" to my web site. But I continued targeting my marketing efforts towards the hypnofetish community.

But after a few discussions this week, I realize that my marketing doesn't really fit my products. I knew I was writing hypnotic stories, but now I find that my stories bridge multiple product categories (i.e., hypnosis, paranormal romance, romantic erotica, self help, sexual health).

My God! I just realized that I'm a self-published author. I'm a publishing company! How the hell did this happen? I've no idea how to reach all of these markets.

I think I'm going to need help.

...and something tells me that the web site will need a major overhaul pretty soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

a bit of a face lift for the web site

I gave the web site a bit of a face lift today. I kept the overall look of the site, just changing it enough to improve the user interface.

The design that had seemed so elegant when I only had 3 recordings, had been getting clumsier to use and to maintain. Friday when I added the images for Demon Seed and Ultimate Kiss, scrolling down the main catalog page made it look terrible. And I knew I had to make some changes.

Friday, March 19, 2010

New cover art for upcoming recordings

I 'finally' made the decision on the art work for two of the upcoming recordings: Demon Seed and The Ultimate Kiss.

The decision was difficult because the stock photo service I use doesn't seem to have anything that exactly meets either story. No photos of a woman being tied up and raped by a demon, no photo of a girl learning to enjoy fellatio. So in the absence of a perfect match, I went with a classy image that at least comes close to the mood of each story. Guess I did learn something from the romance novel after all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

9.4 women per month????

I am so FRUSTRATED. I just saw a report from ABC News that claims 9.4 million women per month surf the web looking for porn. I'm not getting 1/100th of that traffic. What do I need to do, post pictures of Fabio on my site? Grrr.... Maybe I need to hire a publicist.

Upcoming addiction, humiliation and exhibitionism fantasy

I completed the first draft of a script for Trance Junkie (working title), an addiction, humiliation, and exhibitionism fantasy. You're first made addicted to being hypnotized, trained as a obedient slave, used sexually, then forced to beg to be kept hypnotized.

This script skims over the obedience training, focusing more on instilling the feeling of being addicted to hypnosis and reinforcing that addiction with a couple of humiliation scenes; one in front of another hypnotized slave, one in front of guests at a party.

I now have 6 completed scripts that need to be recorded. On the one hand, I feel kind of guilty about getting behind on the recording. (I know a couple people have been anxious for me to release Demon Seed.) But on the other hand, I haven't written this much since my second semester in grad school. So I'm actually feeling pretty good about my productivity.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dark Lover by J. R. Ward

I don't normally read paranormal romances, but after that conversation I had last week, I thought I should look into it. So I started reading J. R. Ward's Dark Lover today. And I have to say, I was a bit surprised. This is not what I expected from a romance novel.

None of that sappy pining away for the perfect lover. No mushy courting or poetry. Ward's hero makes women feel raw animal lust beyond their control. He turns two women's brains to instant mush just by his presence. In fact, the women's responses in at least two scenes (I've only read 12 chapters so far) very closely resemble many scenes in the mind control porn at www.mcstories.com.

Naturally, Ward's hero is better developed and much more interesting than any character found in amateur porn. And the provoked lust is just a small component of her stories as a opposed to the focus of mind control porn. But now I understand why my customer said that my hypnotic audio stories would appeal to the same audience as Dark Lover. We both 1) aim to develop sympathetic and identifiable characters, and 2) aim to provoke intense erotic feelings in our characters and our audience.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CBS reports "Porn Might be Good for You"

That was CBS' headline. Although no where in the report did it mention any health benefits. The report only stated that there was no real link between the availability of porn and sexually-related crimes.


This was unethical sensationalism on the part of CBS; downplaying the real message of the study. But on the bright side, the study did provide some good news.

I've always suspected that the link between pornography and sexually-related crimes was highly exaggerated. But today, CBS News reported what appears to be the first empirical study the subject, which concluded there was no link at all. It was just a myth.

Although, what's more directly relevant to me was the number of women who download porn: 34%. Even though that statistic is limited to readers of a specific magazine. That's a huge potential market for me... that haven't found me. Maybe I need to hire a publicist.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rezoned renamed The Artist's Brush

I've decided to rename this hypnotic script The Artist's Brush. It's still easier for me to think of it as Rezoned because that's what I've called it in my mind since I first conceived the idea. But as I've said before, the title doesn't really capture the flavor of the final script. So as much as I love the pun about expanding erogenous zones, I decided to choose a title that will help potential customers know if the recording will appeal to them, not just make me chuckle.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Rezoned 1st draft written

I finished writing the first draft of Rezoned last night. This is a slightly kinky fantasy about having your skin delicately brushed to enhance your sensual awareness and expand your erogenous zones. Slightly kinky? near vanilla? I'm not sure exactly how you categorize a body painting fantasy when the 'paint' is only moonlight and your own sexual fluids.
In this fantasy you're a prim and proper lady who is persuaded to model for an artist. His first painting hints that underneath your prim and proper exterior lies a sensualist. Intrigued, you sneak back to his studio late one night to lay naked on a bed of furs in the soft moonlight. The artist then dips his brush in both the moonlight and your sex to paint lines of sexuality over your body; connecting every inch of your skin to your sex and awakening your awareness of your body's ability to enjoy every caress as a sensual caress. The script concludes with post-hypnotic suggestions to feel your erogenous zones expand and be more aware of your body's sensuality.

I'm still debating whether to keep the working title, Rezoned, or use something like Brushed Sensuality or Delicately Brushed.

Good news or bad: I now have 3 completed hypnosis scripts (4 if you count the femdom script and 5 if you count the meditation script) that are ready for recording. But either way, I guess I better get back to rehearsing.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Paranormal Romances

I had an interesting conversation with one of my customers this weekend. She described herself as a voracious reader of paranormal romances, and she was interested in my upcoming recording, Demon Seed. But she was curious to know why this recording wouldn't have an orgasm command like in my other recordings.

I had to explain that Demon Seed is a rape/transformation fantasy. The listener is kidnapped, forced to have sex, forced to like it, made addicted to the demon's seed, and finally transformed into his willing servant (a succubus). It's more of an erotic horror story than a romance.

This listener also told me that in Hypnotically Seduced and Building the Perfect Fetish, I had managed to capture the raw eroticism that readers of paranormal romances enjoy, and that if I wrote specifically for that genre, I could potentially attract a larger audience. Of course, I like the idea of reaching a larger audience, but I hadn't considered writing paranormal romances.

Over the years I've read a ton of mind control erotica, sci fi and fantasy, and more than a few erotic horror novels. And of course, I write primarily in the same genres that I like to read. I have read only one book that could be qualified as a paranormal romance. I enjoyed it, but I hadn't considered writing anything in that genre. But then I realized A Tango in Subspace is fairly romantic and a ghost story of sorts; it could qualify as a paranormal romance. I had written in that genre without even realizing it.