Friday, July 30, 2010


Boy, do I know how this feels...

That's exactly how I get when my voice doesn't sound the way I want it to.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Release of Artist's Brush Delayed a bit

I had some unusual personal business come up last week and wasn't able to work on the Artist's Brush like I intended. So I'm pushing back the target release date to (cross your fingers) Aug 7th.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Some feedback on Ultimate Kiss

Like any artist, I really love hearing about people's response to my work/art. I especially love hearing that someone benefited from my recordings' post-hypnotic suggestions and are finding more pleasure in their sexual activities.

I've heard from a couple of the customers who bought The Ultimate Kiss. They were both very positive; stating that the program was very helpful. One woman indicated that she was starting to enjoy fellatio more than previously, and another woman stated she'd previously had an aversion to fellatio and was now beginning to become more open to trying it.

The feedback was private, so I can't post names or any more details. But it's good to know that some of my customers are really benefiting from the recordings.

Friday, July 16, 2010

replaced corrupted preview file

For the second time, the preview for The Couch Trip became corrupted. I suspect my FTP client causes the problem if I interrupt it mid-transfer. But I do appreciate that one of my visitors took the time to inform me of the problem.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working on The Artist's Brush

Working on my next hypnosis for women recording, The Artist's Brush. I think I got a decent recording session in this afternoon. I'll listen to it later tonight to be certain. But I have to give a presentation on technical communication next week. So it will take me a little longer than usual to edit/produce this recording. Still I hope to be able to release the final version around July 25ish.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Requests for my scripts

About once a year, someone asks me if I'm willing to sell text copies of my scripts. I've always said 'no'. I put a lot of work into creating unique scripts, and I'm very protective of that intellectual property.

Today it was suggested that I could think of my scripts like sheet music or plays; license the right to scripts for personal uses only. The buyer could recite script for their spouse, but could not record them or profit from them. So I thought about it. And I think it would be too risky.

The main difference between music and hypnosis is that music is broadcast on the radio; hypnosis recordings are played only in private settings. While the music industry has a huge infrastructure in place to detect plagiarism and sampling and an army of lawyers to recoup lost profits; I have none. If some unscrupulous person made a recording from my scripts, I'd be unlikely to find out about it. And even if I did find out, I couldn't afford to hire a lawyer to file an injunction or force them to pay me a share of the profits. So the best protection, for now, is to keep my scripts under lock and key.