Saturday, October 30, 2010

Update on The Artist's Brush

I think I've finally recorded a session that I'm happy with. I'm editing the file now.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Article: Hypnosis and Fellatio

I've been reading this book, Marketing to Women, and I discovered something a bit ironic. When I write my hypnosis scripts, I'm very conscious of the fact that I'm writing erotica for women. So I make a point to write about emotional connections as well as physical pleasures. But when I write product description pages and marketing material. I haven't put in the same effort to talk about emotional connections.

It's almost as if my marketing is written for guys, even though the recordings are written for women. It might be because a while back, I noticed a lot of husbands buying my recordings for their wives. Or it might just be that I haven't had the same practice writing marketing material for women. Not sure. But either way, I felt it important to write a new article, which talks about the same emotional connections that the recordings work to build.

So I wrote article about hypnosis and fellatio. Unfortunately, the first woman who read it said I totally missed the female perspective. Guess I have a lot to learn about marketing to women.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Artwork for Kegel program

I finalized the artwork for the upcoming recording, Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel.

The script is finalized. So it's just a matter of rehearsing and getting the pacing right.

Changing my asthma meds

Changing my asthma meds today. Switching from Serevent and Pulmacort to Advair. I've been on the the Serevent/Pulmacort combination for about 10-11 years. And it's done well to control my asthma (when I wasn't in mold-infested environments). But Serevent has caused me to experience frequent dizziness when exercising, and Pulmacort suppresses the thyroid function, which leaves me feeling lethargic. So the combination has seriously inhibited my activities over the years.

I hoping that switching to Advair will improve my thyroid problem and reduce the dizziness, allowing me to exercise more intensely. But I'm also a little scared that I might have an adverse reaction to Advair, or that it might not control the asthma as well. Advair contains fluticazone, the same steroid as Flonase. I had an adverse (rebound) reactions to several nasal steroids back in 2006, including Flonase. But since the reaction was already in progress before I took the Flonase, I'm not sure how I'd have reacted if I had only taken the Flonase and nothing else.

Also because all inhaled steroids can result in impaired adrenal/thyroid function, I asked for the lowest dose of the Advair. So I'm not sure if it will control my asthma at first or if I'll have problems and have to switch to the higher dose.

How this could affect Hypnotic Dreams
There are two possible ways this could affect Hypnotic Dreams. If it doesn't go well, the change will delay my recording of Trance Junkie and Kegel. (I recorded a session of The Artist's Brush a couple days ago, which I think went fairly well). But if it does work out, I will have more energy and I'll be able to record more often. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick up the pace and produce more than just a few recordings per year.

Wish me luck

Friday, October 15, 2010

Review of Demon Seed

Wanton Lotus Reviews published a very favorable review of Demon Seed; giving it 4 out of 5 Lotuses:

"…the story itself was both well written and well delivered, each time I listen to it I can feel the sensations that the story evokes quite physically. It’s as if they are actually happening to me, and I am left with a need for sex..."
Read the whole review at

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amazon lists

This is interesting. Someone named Aaryanna added three of my recordings to her listmania list for sexual instructions. She also added my recording The Ultimate Kiss
to her list for Oral Sex.

I have no idea who this person is, but it would be interesting to see if being included in these lists will increase the visibility of the product and in turn, increase sales.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'd like to learn Spanish

Once again, I've been thinking about learning Spanish so that I could translate my recordings into that language. I thought about buying the RosettaStone Spanish program, but I can't afford it. So I put it on my wish list.

Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tested the Kegel Script

I tested the Kegel hypnosis script tonight. I connected with a new subject on Facebook; someone who hadn't bought any of my recordings. I think someone new makes a better test subject than someone who is already conditioned to trance with my voice.

She said she liked the script and couldn't wait to see the results. That alone told me it worked because the script includes a suggestion to enjoy anticipating the pleasure that comes from toning your muscles. But she also said:
never imagined connecting the boring exercises to such intimacy
makes complete sense
the three different exercises was great as well
She gave me just a couple of suggestions for improving it. Then we joked around about my working title. I had been calling it "Squeeze Box". But lately, I've been thinking of saving that title for a story-length script, and naming this one something simpler.

The improvements are minor, so maybe I'll record this script before I do The Artist's Brush, or maybe I'll record them both at the same time.