Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Should I produce more self help recordings?

Been thinking about this question this week. Should I consider producing some self help hypnosis recordings? (Weight loss, smoking cessation, improve self esteem, etc.)

The question came up because sales of my erotic hypnosis recordings have decreased over the last year (in spite of my producing new recordings). Someone suggested I expand my offerings to include self help hypnosis. I've always resisted this in the past, because I'm not a licensed therapist. But now I wonder if it might have been a good idea.

Anyone have an opinion on this?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eliminated from ABNA

Amazon announced the results of the second round of the ABNA today. My novel, Redemption for the Hypnotist, was eliminated. I'm disappointed, but not really surprised. I always suspected the sexual content of my book would get me eliminated.

Although, since they still haven't posted the reviews. I don't know what decision was based on.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Art for Essence of a Slave

I selected the cover art for Essence of a Slave, my next erotic hypnosis script.

While I was working on this image, my mother walked by and glanced over my shoulder. She was appalled that I was working on anything related to sexual slavery, and pestered me about it for the next two hours. She just can't understand the concept of consensual slavery.

But I think this is a very sensual picture. And the girl kind of reminds me of Ksenia Solo from the TV show Lost Girl.

Essence of a Slave will be a kidnapping and D/s fantasy with  post-hypnotic suggestions to think and feel like a true slave.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

One of my Facebook friends just informed me that today is International Women's Day. I guess facebook is good for something after all. (Although that really isn't saying much).

But it's a nice coincidence that I finally finished and released Reorienting. This latest hypnotic audio story will help bisexual and bi curious women become more comfortable with their desire for other women. (It could also help straight women become more open to experimenting with other women, but that's yet to be proven.)

In this audio story, you are invited to a party with other bi-curious and bisexual women. The entertainment is a demonstration of hypnotic mirroring, a phenomenon where a shared gaze connects you with another woman and enables you to share her thoughts and feelings. You discover that you're connected to a bi-curious woman. You experience her attraction for other women, her curiosity about making love to a woman, and her first experience with another woman.
Sophisticated NLP draws the listener into the story. You find yourself participating in the hypnosis demonstration, mirroring women around you, sharing their thoughts and feelings, and allowing yourself to be seduced and influenced by an experienced bisexual woman.
 As usual, I'm having an introductory sale. So the mp3 is available for $20 USD through March 12; after which it will be available for $25 USD.

for more details visit http://www.hypnoticdreams.com/for-women/reorienting.html

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finally Recorded Reorienting

I finally (yes FINALLY) recorded a session that meets my quality standards.

I'm editing it now and should be able to make it available in about a week.

Reorienting is an erotic hypnosis audio story about a woman's first bisexual experience; it includes post-hypnotic suggestions to feel the desire to be with another woman and to be more open to new experiences.