Thursday, May 24, 2012

Group Hypnosis session on Skype

You know, it might be a good idea to get feedback (on my Eating Healthy script) from several listeners. So I've decided to set up a group hypnosis session on skype.

(Anyone ever do this? Can you help me set it up? Do I need to know everyone's skype ID before the beginning of the call?)

I'll host just one session, either Sat June 2 or Sun June 3, either 10 ET or 11 ET.

I'll be asking for feedback on the script, the title and my mockups for the cover art.

If you're interested, please RSVP with your preferred date/time and your skype ID.  Use my contact page to RSVP.

PS. The Eating Healthy script is non-sexual and gender neutral.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All hypnosis is not self hypnosis

There's an article on the ShreveportTimes website, Hypnosis works but it's a natural process, not magic. In this article, the author reiterates a statement that many hypnotists state, that "all hypnosis is self hypnosis".  He states this for the same reason that most hypnotists do, to counter the image of hypnosis if popular TV shows.

Popular movies and TV shows portray hypnosis as a way for villains to gain complete control over someone. For some people that's sexy, for others its frightening. But therapeutic hypnosis is a cooperative effort between the hypnotist and subject. The author goes on to say that,

The hypnotherapist simply acts as a "coach" to help you access the unconscious mind and the place of healing residing there. Hypnosis is not mind control; there's never been a documented case that I'm aware of where that's happened, outside of the movies. Even the stage hypnotists understand this. If you've ever been to one of those shows, you'll note that the hypnotist asks for volunteers, knowing that the act of raising the hand is really saying, "let me help you entertain this crowd."

Although I agree with the 'coach' statement,  I disagree that this 'self hypnosis'. And this is really a disagreement over the definition of the term 'self hypnosis'. Self hypnosis [in my definition] is when you guide yourself into a trance and reprogram your own subconscious mind. If I hypnotize someone, I am guiding them into a trance, offering suggestions for change. Certainly it's up to the subject to accept or reject my suggestions. But it's a cooperative effort, not self hypnosis.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Eating Healthy script

I've finished writing the first draft of a new hypnosis script for Eating Healthy (working title).

I've included a lot in this script, including activity-based meal planning (i.e., planning your meals to support your favorite activity like bicycling or weightlifting), an enjoyable anticipation for discovering and learning to prepare new meals, and mindful eating. I've included a some confidence building suggestions with each step and some suggestions for restraint from over eating during social events.

A lot of the material is, in fact, based on my own personal experience. About 10 years ago, I started to realize that my Irritable Bowl (IBS) problems were actually caused by my reliance on TV dinners. So I learned how to cook a few meals. When that helped me solve my IBS problems, I took it further, learning how to plan meals to support my exercising goals... and I actually enjoyed the process of learning new meals.

So I've included much of that in the script and I think I've got something that will be both unique and effective for many people.

When I started writing the script, I read and listened to a few weight loss hypnosis tapes and CDs. It's annoying how uniform they all are. Paul McKenna's so called revolutionary system contained the exact same suggestions as a weight loss tape my mother has owned since the 1970s. (And its obvious that McKenna's publisher paid for most of his reviews on and

Anyway, time to start rehearsing and revising. And I think I'll want a test subject for this in a few weeks.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Redemption on Good Reads

One of my readers was kind enough to post his review to Goodreads. com. I've heard good things about helping to promote books. So today, I uploaded the cover art and synopsis to the site. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kickstarter doesn''t allow self-help projects

I started researching and and taking notes for two self-help hypnosis scripts, Confidence in Public Speaking, and A Mindset for Healthy Eating. Since these would be non-sexual hypnosis recordings, I thought it would be a good idea to try posting the projects on to see how many people would pledge to buy copies when they become available. Unfortunately, Kickstarter doesn't allow self-help projects.