Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Too tied to the computer.

A couple of people have recently asked me how effective my hypnosis mp3 files are compared to yahoo videos. Both said that the videos were ineffective, and asked how they could become more receptive to hypnotic suggestion.

This is a good question. Given the proliferation of youtube hypnosis videos, a lot of people must be trying them. And probably a lot of people are disappointed in their response. There are at least three possible reasons for this.

One reason is that most youtube videos are produced by amateurs. They possess only superficial knowledge of hypnosis and aren't able to create truly effective hypnosis videos.

A second reason is that people condition themselves to a specific state of mind while working on the computer. If you have watched a lot of short video clips, you've already conditioned your mind to respond to seeing videos on youtube -- and that response is not a deep trance.

A third reason can be found in the new book that I'm reading, The Hypnosis Treatment Option. This book defines a trance as "a state of mind where we convert the words we hear to images in our mind." I like this definition, because it's exactly what I aim for with my hypnosis scripts. I use words to create mental images. The more vividly I can help you visualize a scene, the deeper the trance.

But if you're watching a video, that video is engaging the visual processing part of your mind. This makes it much more difficult to create vivid mental images from the words being spoken. For many people, this limits the depth of trance that can be achieved.

To achieve deeper trances, get away from the computer. Transfer the mp3 file to a ipod. Turn off the screen. Close your eyes. Listen to the words, and visualize in your mind what the words describe. This will help you achieve a deeper and more effective trance.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saving an MP3 to an iPad

One of my customers this weekend had trouble saving her mp3. After several emails, I find out she is trying to save them to an iPad.

I don't own a tablet device or smart phone (and I don't intend to ever own one), but wanting to be a helpful merchant, I went online and tried to see if I could find a way to help this customer. Turns out this is a common problem. Apple has disabled the save file function on the iPad's version of Safari. People in the forums recommend using GoodReader to download files.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Taking a course in Music Production

I've often complained that my lack of knowledge about sound editing has made producing hypnosis mp3s more difficult than it should be. Thanks to Coursera, I finally get to do something about this.

I signed up for a course titled Intro to Music Production. Loudon Stern of the Berklee College of Music is teaching this course.

I hope to learn how to make the editing of my hypnosis recordings a lot less tedious, and also to  produce better quality recordings.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Copies of O&C reviews

Found a solution to the broken O&C links. I redirected the links to archived copies of the reviews at